Contact us

Contact us

If you believe a child is in immediate danger call:


Worried a child or young person you know could be at risk of harm from abuse or neglect? Call Freephone: 

0508 326 459

Lines open 24/7, or email

After 5pm and on weekends social workers are only available for emergency situations, but we still urge you to call so we can assess your needs.

If you're a school: 
Call 0508 EDASSIST (0508 332 774)


If you're a caregiver:
Call 0508 227 377


If your query is adoption related:
Call 0508 326 459

To request personal information held by us:
Call 0508 326 459 and ask for privacy and official information services.

If you're overseas:
Call +64 9 912 3820


For media enquiries:
Call +64 4 918 9199

For general enquiries: 
Call 0508 326 459

Contact Children's Teams

Reporting a concern

Get in touch if you think a child or young person may be:

  • unsafe or in danger of harm
  • suffering from ill-treatment, abuse or neglect
  • Or you’re not sure if you should be concerned, and want advice, or just to talk things through.

A social worker will work out how urgent this is, and the best thing to do next.  

What we'll need to know when you get in touch:

  • what you're worried about
  • details of any incidents, including dates
  • details about the child or young person and their family, such as names and addresses
  • if the family, child or young person has previously been involved with us or the Police.


Feedback and Complaints

We're keen to hear about your experience with us. Do you have any ideas about how we can improve our service?

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